Sunday, May 13, 2007

05/13/07 - Hopefully, this page is understandable. I know I need to work on my compression within the storyline.. and this page is awfully big.

Saturday, I took my daughter to Wafflehouse as I do once every two weeks.. and right across the street there's an old bookstore. Not a franchised conglomerate thing, but an actual old personal bookstore. It's a late 19th century house converted.. has been there for years. My husband spent time there when he was younger (His father knows the owner) and since the only bookstores my daughter has ever been to are florescent lighted monster big places, I thought she might like it.

She loved it. Mr. Glover is an anthropologist as well, so the store is filled with african masks, statues from south america, and so forth. The second she walked in, she said "What's the smell?" and I said "That's the smell of old books honey.. Isn't it great?". She loved looking through the old books. She loved the big glass cases where the more expensive and fragile books are kept. She loved going up and down the narrow staircase and the way the floor creaked when we walked. All in all, it was a very successful trip.

So, if you're ever in Lexington, Kentucky and you like rare and used books.. please look up "Glover's Bookery" on Broadway. It's well worth your time.

As always.. thanks for reading!

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