Saturday, June 2, 2007

I've been working on differences in dialogue boxes and styling.. you won't see the styling until a bit later. Sorry. I've also added to the characters page. More to come there.

Sorry about the wonky updates and lack of pages. Apparently Comicgenesis is experiencing some technical difficulties.

5th grade graduation was a resounding success. Now kiddo just has the whole summer stretching out before her. And she will do math. Kiddo's not happy about it.. but she will do math. As it is, today I took her to Barnes & Noble and got her "Eldest" the sequel to "Eragon" as a special gift. We added colored pencils and an artist's model, the small one, that she can pose to help her proportions. I'll probably be sneaking and using it too.

Also, note the above animations. I'm just now learning how to do Flash, so if anyone has any suggestions or wants to impart their knowledgeable wisdom, please do so.. I have no idea how to embed a play and stop button, so it's just going to loop. More dustbunnies!

As always.. thanks for reading!

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