Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Life-005

My own personal homage to Applegeeks.. I LOVE that comic. It was actually the second comic I ever started reading, right next to Megatokyo. I don't generally do a lot of fan art, but when I read that Justin Long of the PC Guy commercials would no longer be doing them.. this just sprang into my head fully developed.

I sent this to the creators of Applegeeks and they found it quite amusing. :D Also, it's an unscheduled update. Hehehe.. I'm just full of surprises this week.

It's also the first comic that has the new shading and text formatting. I know it's not that noticeable.. but that's me. Subtle is my middle name.

Have a good summer. Regular storyline continues next week.

As always.. thanks for reading!

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