Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today's comic was in appreciation of all the wonderful comics Andrea McEnaney has done for me to help me through this time with so many real-life malfunctions. Chad Cleanly, Perkie Diva and the "Oh God, It's Morning" show are all © Andrea McEnaney. You should really check it out.

On the homefront, my daughter and I went to the local fair this past weekend. Ferris wheels, gravitrons, and bumper cars were ridden (we would have ridden more, but the apple of my eye is a little wary of rides) multiple times. We had the wonderful sound of motocross in the distance, the wonderful livestock exhibits (chickens and rabbits.. the real livestock will have to wait until the state fair), and the smell of pizza, popcorn and cotton candy wafted on the air. We truly enjoyed the Birds of Prey show (my kiddo is an absolute owl fanatic.. her favorite gift this year at Christmas was owl puke. No joke, but that's its own story), being that close to such magnificent birds is always amazing.. Being able to pet an eagle owl, touch the wingspan of a golden eagle and actually getting to see and hear a real raven is quite moving. Jonathon Wood and his family front run the Raptor Project and tour the nation bringing these wonderful birds to the public awareness.
Between shows and rides, after the pizza and the stuffed dragon we won at a game, we sat on the grass in between the basketball dunking game and the Tornado ride, in the shade. She leaned up against me and I told her, "See those white puffy clouds? Smell the cotton candy? Feel how hot and sticky it is and do you hear all these people walking around us? That's summer, sweetheart.. that's summer."

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