Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am so sorry.. this is NOT the comic I wanted to post today. Due to my computer going down (hardware interrupts suck), after cannibalizing an older computer and realizing that the interrupts were still happening and it wasn't my fried GPU (which, btw, is stilled fried.. massive temperature readings on the sensor).. we opted to remove everything BUT the GPU and the main hard drive and voilé, no more hardware interrupts. But that also means my computer is not running at 100% efficiency and can't do jack with anything graphically.
I had this commercial one done, so you still have some Blondie & ChiChi goodness, just not what I had wanted to do.. Rest assured I'm still working on it. And for those of you who know I have a scanner and are thinking, "Why didn't she just upload her story sketches so we could continue with the story?".. Sorry, my scanner has died as well. Literally, the light's on, but nothing is home.
See kids, this is why you update your equipment every so often even if you don't think you need to. Everything dies at once.

We should have all problems fixed by the next update, and will continue on with the treefrog story line. If not, I suck because I don't have anymore back up comics left in my reservoir.

Please remember, I am inspired by your comments and love.. the more I get comments and love, the more I am compelled to do.. so please? Please let me know you love/hate the comic and why.


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