Monday, November 13, 2006

11/13/06 - Edward Hopper is spinning in his grave. Actually, he is one of my favorite painters, with such grace in his use of lighting. Here is a link to a short biography of someone I consider as one of the best painters of all time. Please take a moment and check him out.

11/04/06 - Just a quick update, I will continue to update three times a week in November. After that, I will go back to the regular schedule of once a week. I also updated the gallery, new format and a bunch of new stuffs there. Please check it out. Drop me a line, let me know what you think. I always appreciate a little feedback.

10/16/06 - Could this be, possibly, a segueway for a new character? I'd originally started these pages with the express intention of NOT carrying a storyline beyond two pages. However, the grand scheme of things dictates that I add a little more story to the pages. Simply put, my mind is coming up with stories and not just one line gags now. It's an interesting process

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