Thursday, May 3, 2007

05/03/07 - Just an early update. And the first actual form of me in the above mini-strip. Please let me know what you think of these. It would have been up earlier but our powersupply on the computer totally pwned us this weekend. Then we started having hard drive issues. But it's all good now.
As always, check out the other comics in my links sections. Some pretty cool stuff going on.

04/12/07 - Gonna start uploading some of the little sketches I do.. No, they're not great art, but please remember: I draw these in a small book on the shuttle bus to and from my car to work. Crammed in cafeterias, breakrooms, etc. Hopefully, this aspect will develop as time goes on.
And special thanks to both Mineka C. and Andrea McEnaney for the slight inspiration in the upcoming strips. Darn you Andrea! Bunny Ears are SOOOO annoying. Check out their strips.. they're in my links.

Please let me know what you think of the new addition, and keep your eyes peeled for new artwork in the gallery and links. Also, could always use some spare change for lunches.. check out the products section. Save the treefrog, save the world.

03/31/07 - Well, I applied for a new job, and didn't get it. Thems how the cookie crumbles. It's a good thing I love my old job, just wish I made more money at it.

There will be a slight subtle change to some of the formatting in MIHY. If you'll notice, the speech balloons are slightly different, and different layouts will be utilized a touch more. If you like/dislike it, please let me know. This is a learning experience for me.

I'm on spring vacation this week and will be able to devote some time to make some MIHY related stuffs.. Keep an eye on the "Products" button. There will be buttons, hoodies, and some miscellaneous stuff that you can buy (and hopefully foot me some lunch money occasionally) and mystify your friends with by saying "Yeah.. it's a comic I read.. and no, you can't read it. It's secret and that makes me uber and stuff."

And on a last note, one of my faithful readers, Joey, has started his own comic. Still working out the kinks, but it's cute. Go check it out at Educated .

Still going to add some more stuff to the gallery and I did a fan art of Sokora Refugee's Viela & Kana. Please vote to see it. ^.^ Thanks for reading.


03/12/07 - Lots of new things..

First off, I updated the links section. Cleaned out a few "hiatus" and no longer there comics (Sokora, this means you.. but I will giddily buy your volumes in the store.). Added a few comics that I've found since the beginning of MIHY, and did some general re-arranging. Now comics that have completed are separated from ongoing comics.

Secondly, *sigh* I have added a swooby little "Products" button in the navigation. I didn't do that to begin with because.. well.. it felt cheesy. However, I did make a coffeecup for the guest art contest and thought "why not?". The only product available so far is the Large Coffee Cup. And believe me, I'm not making that much of a profit on it. It's only there for people who REALLY.. REALLY want a MIHY coffeecup.

Thirdly, I've added a little "about me" section. Read it at your own risk.

There will be updates to the gallery in the next week or so, plus.. a really sweet fan art was sent to me by a good friend. If you'd like to see it, it is currently the incentive picture at TWC, so vote so you can give my friend the props she deserves for being so.. sweet. :)

It would be nice to get some feedback on the products, and whether or not I should do a froggy hoodie. I'm going to anyway, but it'd be nice to see if anyone was interested. If there were any other products someone might be interested, please let me know and I'll work on it.

The frogs will be coming back, but in the meantime, some nice little unconnected comics and a short corporate storyline coming up. Yes.. involving dustbunnies... They're everywhere...

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