Monday, February 26, 2007

02/26/07 - A wonderful week of updates from guests such as

Day In The Life of a Cosplayer by Mineka C.

Heroes in Audio Land by Sasjhwa

Thanks again for the participation, guys!

02/22/07 - Stay tuned for next week. Starting February 26th, all the art sent to me will start appearing. Thanks to everyone who sent in their version of my dustbunnies! Please make sure you email me with the link/email address you wish displayed with your artwork.
So that's right, folks. Next week, five days, five updates. Then Blondie & ChiChi will be applying brooms to "May I Help You?" and taking their spot back away from the dustbunnies.

02/11/07 - Well, that's the end of this particular story. There will be a slight intermission with... DUSTBUNNIES! If you (that's right, YOU, the reader) can draw a circle, you too, can draw a dustbunny! And I'd really LOVE to see some guest strips of dustbunnies. Stay tuned for the next few days and you'll start seeing the dustbunnies.

Oh, and did I mention it's a contest? In celebration of the fifty-ith strip (see Feb 11th), the first person to send me a strip with dustbunnies will win.. a Blondie Coffee Cup. Seriously. I'm not joking! I really will send you a "May I Help You" coffee cup.

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