Friday, July 6, 2007

First, the good news. Andrea McEnaney of The Adventures of Chad Cleanley has graciously provided me with two, and possibly a third, guest comics that are absolutely fantastic. These I will be uploading the 11th, the 14th and then the guest comic I did for Chad Cleanly on the 18th. This week's comic also marks a sort of segue-way into a new "chapter" of MIHY.

Second, the bad news. I've had so many "mechanical malfunctions" in real life (home repairs mandated by the lovely city of Lexington which interestingly enough coincided with the insurance company's inspection of our roof. How coincidental/car breaking down/leak in the guts of the toilet/coworker being put on bedrest and me asked to work 50-60 hours a week to compensate, etc.) have delayed any time that I would have had to put into the comic. Rest assured, the ideas are there.. the sketches in the notebook on the shuttle are still being done.. but the time I usually work on this comic in the morning is now taken up by actually going to work. And I'd work on it in the evening, but I'm afraid I've been passing out around 9:30pm. I'm too tired. There will be no hiatus.. but I had this big plan to segue way into the reconstruction of the clinic and to be real honest, I'm just too damned tired. So, just imagine 4 weeks later, the damaged portion of the clinic has been rebuilt and let's get on with our lives. At this point and time, any guest comics to help compensate with a lack of buffer comics would be greatly appreciated.

And in case you've wondered.. The house has new gutters, cornices, vinyl and aluminum siding.. still working on replacing one of the windows, the crumbling brick around the flowerbed and repaving the driveway. The car's starter was kapoot, and is now fixed. The leak in the toilet is less than 10 dollars and I'm going to fix that tomorrow. The work issue.. well, that's not going to go away. I need to sleep people.

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