Sunday, July 8, 2007

I went to see "Transformers" with my daughter yesterday. Right off the bat, let me say NOBODY in my house, save me, likes the Transformers. Nobody even likes the concept behind the Transformers. She's 10 and she didn't really care for it. She kept leaning over and saying "Are you happy?".
I loved it. Everything about it. The pace of the movie was very quick, and the special effects were stunning.. But mostly I just loved the thing as a whole. I found myself tensing up during the fight scenes and really got carried along with the characters. I just wish they'd had more with Megatron actually in it. And with the way it ended.. I smell sequel.

Andrea McEnaney of The Adventures of Chad Cleanley has graciously provided me with two, and possibly a third, guest comics that are absolutely fantastic. These I will be uploading the 11th, the 14th and then the guest comic I did for Chad Cleanly on the 18th. This week's comic also marks a sort of segue-way into a new "chapter" of MIHY.

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