Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am hoping that this layout doesn't confuse anyone. This is jumping right back into the story "after the clinic is rebuilt". I really wanted to do a lengthy segueway about the actual rebuilding, but with working overtime and lack of sleep.. well, you know. Oh, let's add the Harry Potter book in there (Yes, I finished it by Sunday morning.) And there will be the introduction of another character/creature/something in a few weeks.
School is starting back soon and the one thing I am really peeved about, the schools do not let you know what school supplies will be needed until the week before school starts! Gah! I could be purchasing supplies here and there, instead of this big one lump sum. I do know my in-laws have already gotten her a backpack (with an owl on it) and my husband's uncle has purchased some rudimentary supplies (pencils, paper, etc.). The mailbox is getting checked everyday for that letter from the school.
I am also happy to announce that I may be having an art show at a coffee shop here in town. I have to go down and meet with the owner, but she sounded very positive on the phone. Maybe I'll find a home for some of my birds. :)

They are all for sale, btw.. if you're interested.. I'm cheap.

Last but not least, I'm posting my new little character. She's my alter ego, her name is Lizzie. Her balloon burst. :(

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