Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Picture above, another little project I'm working on.. sneak peek.

And it's always nice when someone lets you feel like an artist. I mean, truly feel like an artist. About a year ago, I took a couple of my prints to the local Hospital fall festival where I'm at most years with all my handmade bookmarks (they're really pretty and I can usually make some spare change with them.) One of the ladies at the booth next to me was perusing my wares, and was looking at some of my framed prints. I had brought along a copy of "Waiting for You" simply because it was in with my other prints. I had it printed for myself and had no intentions of selling it. She saw it peeking out of the bag of prints and asked about it. I showed it to her and she offered to buy it on the spot. Said something about it speaking to her.
Well, a couple of days ago, I received an email from her showing off how she had it framed and hanging in her home.. and I'm braggingly posting that here, with her permission of course. It really made me feel like I'm doing something with myself..

Today, my toilet went in the crapper... And unfortunately, I did not have the hand strength to fix it. So I called my handy-dandy husband.. and after much debate and a couple of threats of divorce, we got it fixed. No longer do I have water dripping from the base of the tank upon my already sinking bathroom floor. Needless to say, it wore me out.

Last, but not least, another Lizzie pic.. Gosh I like her.

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You write very well.

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