Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Okay.. Photoshop is up and running.. my scanner is still kapoot! However, this little blurb is to hold you over until next week. What could Sophie be so happy about? And when is the other shoe going to drop?

Things are back on track.. Christmas is coming up and I am completely unprepared. However, now that my computer seems to be holding steady, hopefully I can keep updating for the comic now.

In Second Life news, I usually cannot attend Antiquity (Victorian Sim) events simply because they start too early in the day. Real life does tend to take it's toll. However, Saturday the 24th, I had the rare opportunity to attend one of that communities wonderful balls. I did feel slightly underdressed as I went with more of a "sweet" rural dress (after all, my persona is a simple carpenter.. an inventor of stuffs.)

One of my "inventions". It is a Christmas tree star topper that chimes lightly every 30 seconds and puffs a small puff of steam. I am working on a riveted one and a crystal one.

My arrival to the ball with Mr. Skusting Dagger.. a gentleman of most dubious character and charming conversation. (I believe there may be pirating influences at work there).

Literally, swept off my feet. Mr. Dagger gracefully kept me entertained the whole evening..

One of the many beautiful attendees of the ball. (I now wish I'd kept track of who was whom.. these ladies certainly deserve that recognition). You can also see how I felt I was terribly underdressed.

Still in awe of yet another beautiful avatar that graced the dance floor.

Another evening in my parlor at Laboratory Mondrian (graciously provided by the ever handsome and mysteriously mad Mr. Cornell Mondrian) entertaining my guests.. (Mr. Dagger in the stripped skivvies.. Mr. Ochs, the tall guy at the end of the sofa, and the strangely compelling and ethereal Miss Xryyl Oh at the other end of the sofa). The tea was provided by Miss Oh, and lively conversation ensued. That's me, in the black coat and top hat.. I call that my "Bram Stoker's outfit"..I look a little like Gary Oldham on hormone therapy.

My last picture of the evening.. Mr. Timeless. Yes, that's his name and that's his rude little dragon on his shoulder. The group from the picture above adjourned to Mr. Dagger's compartment after we all went to look at the strange well in the basement of the building where Mr. Dagger lives. (Long story.. brush up on your Lovecraft). Mr. Timeless then joined the party as did Mr. Simon Kline of the "Friends of Second Life" (great resource if you want to learn how to do something script related). I thought Mr. Timeless was an interesting avatar. Rarely do you see someone trying to look older.

As always, thanks for reading and your patience,

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Skusting Dagger said...

Not underdressed at all!
Though I am still quite mystified as to how a simple woodworker such as yourself and a rascally pub dweller such a myself even gains entry to these events!

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