Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello, and I apologize we're not back to the story yet. However, for those interested (and you know who you are, Darkyboy) here is a sample of what my sketches from the ride to and from work look like. Not the greatest, but it is simple storyboarding.. and I particularly liked this one because it really conveyed the facial expressions. True story, not making this stuff up.

The reason for the sketching is we've gotten the computers back to some semblance of normalcy.. Scanners mildly operational (not my original scanner, but the one in the bottom of the closet). However, now our plumbing has decided to go kaboom, and we're fighting the good battle against 60 year old clogs. Not happy, so I've been falling exhausted in front of the computer unable to even muster a simple box in Photoshop. Sorry, I'm working on getting it back on track, I swear.

Now, the one frivalous thing I have done was I entered SL yesterday because *squeal* Neil Gaiman and Roger Avery were giving an interview in one of the groups I'm part of, SLiterary. It was all a promotion about Beowulf, but *eeeeeee* Neil Gaiman! They even answered my question! *eeeeeeeeee* about did they foresee virtual actors playing a larger and larger role in the future of film-making.. *eeeeeeee* Neil Gaiman!

Neil Gaiman and Roger Avery in the avatar forms.. *eeeeeee*

Me, FRONT ROW, with my friend Vye Graves, in a motley crowd.

Me at the kiosk in front of the event.. I even got a Beowulf T-Shirt! *Squeals some more-*eeeeeeeeeeee**

The way the interview was conducted..

I really expected more people to show up, then we realized SLiterary hadn't advertised the event outside their group. Plus on top of that, the schedule at the event center had the wrong time listed as the interview. Sloppy, if you ask me. But then Vye pointed out that it might have been slightly on purpose, to keep the sim from becoming overloaded and keeping the whole thing from happening. As it was, a decent sized crowd showed up and it was a very interesting interview.

This is not the first time I've seen Gaiman. Whilst showing some visiting friends from out of town around, one of our local bookstores was having a book signing I was unaware of until we were on the escalator and I saw all these people.. then I saw Gaiman sitting at a table signing books. *Pounds her fist on the table* Dad-blame visiting friends! I couldn't just leave her and join the growing crowd of Gaiman worshippers! *laughs* anyway, if you're asking why I'm such a fan, go read "American Gods" and you'll get it. Gotta get my hot little hands on his new one...

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience,
as always.

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Skusting Dagger said...

Speaking of American Gods - I was awestuck when i read it for the main reason being the inclusion of Rock City as a locale! You see, I'd actually been there when I was a youngin' back in the 60s!
And here I am, reading something by my all time favorite writer - and he's talking about Rock City!

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