Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Okay.. again, lots of things have happened. If you see this, then you are a more disciplined and devout following of May I Help You than you probably should be. Three years after the true end of the comic, and I still get an occasional email. Here's the truth.
 A) I was in a very unhappy and depressed state. A lot more than I should have been.
 B) I have taken steps to change my life so that I am not so unhappy and depressed.
 C) There wasn't room in the mass midst of all of this for storyboarding, artwork, or anything else remotely creative.
 I love May I Help You. I am constantly jotting down ideas in numerous notebooks scattered all over my apartment (note, apartment, not house.. like I said, life changes). I constantly have ideas for new things now. And, that bird above? That's the first piece of artwork I've given any time to in a LONG LONG time. I'm happy about that, that I picked up a stylus last night and gave my iPad a whirl.
 That being said, I'd like to pick MIHY up off the floor, dust it off and give it another good run. Which will probably include a printed copy, a kickstarter program, and starting it from the beginning, more consistently and continuing the story line. Where it ended was not where I wanted it to end. Chichi and Blondie had a lot more stuff to do. As did the tree frogs.
 Which brings us to ComicGenesis. A great website for someone starting to try and figure out how to do comics. A terrible website for someone actually wanting to do something serious. I've combed through my emails. Over the past 3 years, I've submitted 8 requests for help. Mostly a "I can't find my password!" and NEVER received a response. Not even a confirmation my emails were being received. Add that on top of being forced to showcase ads for comics I don't think are that great, shoddy ability to update and control the content with ease and just my general knowledge of programming, hosting, and dealing with webpages? I think it's time for ComicGenesis and I to part ways. I am REALLY unhappy with Comicgenesis now, and the lack of actual response from them is the nail in the coffin. So, this site is dead to me, and MIHY will be starting to post from the beginning in the next month. Just not here.
 And if you REALLY want to see what happens with the comic? Find Canolli.Capalini on google+. Or find because that's where it will be updating at. Or hell, contact me at tosha . hall @ gmail . com (remove spaces). Thank you for your patience (if you're still here) and I HOPE to see you soon. Kaidoh/L.Hall/Tosha/Canolli

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