Sunday, November 4, 2007

Okay.. I know, old styling. I've been meaning to post this one for a while now, and kind of gives you insight between Blondie's and ChiChi's friendship dynamics. Sorry, trying to get my furniture store off the ground in Second Life, and making stuff is time consuming. Plus, with Halloween and Real Life stuffs going on (i.e. costumes, trick or treating, work, all the boring stuff), the next treefrog strip is half-done.

Needless to say, I've only been taking a break from the comic whilst playing Second Life (it really is a big time sink)and figuring out where I want the story to go. I really did not believe people when they said that stories begin to take on a direction of their own.. characters begin to develop quirks without an creator help and honestly, ChiChi has been diverging off the path I started for her. My hope and intention is to start guiding her back to my original plan, but you know her.. she's off in her own little world.

Here are some pictures of one of my favorite clubs in Second Life.. Club Necropolis in the Dark Eternity sim. I'm not a vampire, and I don't roleplay a vampire, but they have fantastic music and the BEST DJ's..

Club Necroplis in Dark Eternity, Second Life

DJ PunkKitty - My favorite DJ.. she knows how to rock it.

Me and my friend, Wolfram Gustafson, on the dance floor.. in the forefront.

One of my Beidermeier chairs I made.. Very primmy stuff, but lovely, I think.

Me atop Cornell Mondrian's Laboratory in Babbage Canals, Second Life.. at sunset.
I thought it was a perfect Steampunk picture.

Me at the Ogdred Weary House in Babbage Canals, Second Life. Very fascinating.. I was touring the Canals with Mr. Skusting Dagger.

My good friend Ms. Elleon Bergamasco in one of her fantastic costumes. I almost got this one for Halloween, but went instead in her Owl ballgown and mask.

My good friend Mr. Cornell Mondrian seated on top of one of my first creations in his Laboratory. Very handsome.

My friend Vye Graves, in her halloween costume. For some reason, she calls it Doublewide Baby Momma..

Mr. Skusting Dagger's placard for his photography studio within Second Life in Babbage Canals. It's a lovely studio situated right next to the Guild Academy run by Mr. ArthurConan Doyle, who is also a lovely gentleman.

Finally, my good friend, Mr. Wolfram Gustafson, seated in a chair he purchased from me. I hope he's still happy with his furniture, I did custom create it for him. Also, very handsome and serious looking.

If you can't tell, I spend the majority of my time in the Victorian/Steampunk sims.. I find it is the most interesting people there, from serious role-players that will look at you astonished if you speak outside of the roleplay to Cat people who cuss like sailors and demons with discreet tails. Most of my friends I met in either Antiquity or Babbage, and I make my furniture to suit those sims particularly.. Though i will have to branch out, I think.

Anyway, if you're on, give me a shout out- Canolli Capalini..

As always, thanks for reading and your patience. I promise I will get all this back on track.


Skusting Dagger said...

I shall have to give you an new placard, since I no longer do business out of my apartment!

Anonymous said...

That Mondrian fellow is very handsome.

Anonymous said...

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